Bulk Bags

Bulk bags are made from woven polypropylene fabric.The fabric is treated with an ultraviolet inhibitor that helps the bags resist UV degradation from exposure to direct sunlight. The fabric is designed to retain 70% of its original strength after 1200 hours of direct sunlight exposure.
The fabric can be uncoated allowing the bag to breathe or can be coated making the bag nonbreathable. If your product has a high moisture concern a polyethylene liner may inserted into the bag to decrease the moisture vapor transfer rate to an acceptable level.
Bulk bags can be manufactured in many styles and with customizable features to best suit your bag filling station and your customer's bag discharging station. The standard bulk bag style is the U-panel construction with a star closure discharge chute with bottom protection flap. The pictures below are based on a standard U-panel bulk bag.

We supply various kind of bulk bags and container bags.

We have different Bulk Container Bags for different uses.

·  A range of sizes for multiple use Bulk bags or single trip use.
·  A range of loading styles & unloading applications for our bulk bags.
·  We supply Bulk bags for all types of products.
·  Our Bulk bags are laboratory tested for product safety factors, heavy duty.

Our Bulk Container Bags can be made to size, design and specifications require by the customer.
Availability of our Bulk Container Bags.

Bulk Bags
We offer a range of bulk bags that are manufactured using qualitative material. These are laminated with Polyethylene Liners. We offer these in following standard sizes that are tabulated below:



90x90 cms

90 cms

95x95 cms
120 cms
140 cms
105x105 cms
160 cms
105x105 cms
180 cms
105x105 cms
200 cms

The height and base can be customized to suit different requirements of our customer’s products. The customization can also be done on following:

  • Filling and discharging options
  • Lifting styles

Various filling options provided in our bulk bags include:

  • Water resistance –Lamination
  • Polyethelene Liners